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RUNINOut's geographic footprint covers our beloved DMV (DC, MD, and VA).  Due to our growing user base, we've started adding venues beyond our homebase, up the Eastern seaboard into Philadelphia, New York City, and Boston. We have now grown to 10,000 restaurants across 150 cities.  But for now, our focus and commitment remains in the DMV.   

Search works best if you use one-word terms - the broader the better. - it's not necessary to be specific at all. E.g. search "Redskins" vice "Washington Redskins", However, if you choose to be specific we recommend you implement Boolean operators Boolean Search

Because of this large and expanding footprint, it's critical that you include critical search symbols into your search. For now, RUNINOut does not utilize geolocation in our search.  We rely on the user to add Boolean Search operators such as +, or, AND to obtain a more focused, customized search.

RUNINOut incorporates the use of Search Symbols to combine words and phrases to obtain more relevant results

Say you are looking for vietnamese in Herndon, either type: +herndon  +vietnamese or herndon and vietnamese  If you are searching for a particular area, please be specific with your search. EG: "H Street NW DC" "U Street NW DC", "Adams Morgan", etc


* If you choose not to use Search operators such as +, or, AND then simply use a one-word term: Pho, Burger, Ribeye, Linguine then narrow your search with the filters on the side.


RUNINOut is hyper specific. If you're like us, and love beer, you'll want to us to find your favorite brew, bottled or draft (but don't forget to add your Boolean operator).  If you like a specific ingredient, plug it in and see what you get.

Broad Search

Searching for a specific dish, drink or setting?  RUNINOut provides info for more than just food and drinks. We also index, theme, ambience, setting, etc.

Say you must have curry, Pacifico beer on draft, rooftop seating and you're in Clarendon, VA.  

Then simply enter all your terms. However, you may not be able to find exactly everything you're looking for.  For terms that are critical, add a + sign directly in front of the word

+curry +pacifico +clarendon +rooftop  



For two or more words use a dash (-)  EG: Happy-hour, Outdoor-seating

+Greek Souvlaki Peroni +dupont-circle outdoor-seating

+ Sign is not required for each word - just for the terms that are most important. If everything is critical, then feel free to add a + before each word.

To better refine your search, use the sidebar on the left to narrow down your choices.

Pls view this short video as a guide:  


To view dishes, select "Top Dishes" on the sidebar (Top Food or Venue)


Our goal is to index all venues where members of the public can patronize, both free and paid. This includes Museums, Theaters, Hotels, Gyms, Etc

+Cardio +Pool +massage  



When searching for stores, you can also search for a particular brand:

Dress +Neiman-Marcus

Are Search Symbols required?  Not at all.  If you leave them out, you will still find the results.  But if you want a more detailed, relevant results, it's best to use them

Geocoding works only for registered users.  If you are using unregistered and are looking for a specific location, you will have to type in the name of the city or neighborhood (Adams-Morgan, Dupont, Columbia-Heights)



For Chains and Franchises, if you type the name of the brand. E.g: Starbucks, Hilton, Marriott, McDonald's, Chili's, Bed Bath & Beyond as well as organizations. Eg: Navy, Air Force, Salvation Army, Red Cross, you will get a Google Map widget showing the majority of locations in the area.

Again, the key to search is simply entering one broad term: Marriott or Renaissance and go from there.