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Korean WW2 Memorial

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The story of the “Forgotten War of 1950 to 1953” is told throughout the design of the Korean War Veterans Memorial. Nineteen soldiers march uphill over symbolic granite and juniper obstacles towards a large American flag. The granite wall reflects the 19 statues in the Field of Service for a total of 38 soldiers. This number represents the 38th Parallel between North and South Korea. The granite wall also has photographic images engraved in a rolling pattern, that from far away, look like hills. On closer inspection, you can see thousands of National Archives images of the men and women who not only actively served in the Korean War, but also those who provided non-combat support. A small granite curb on the opposite side of the Field of Service lists the 22 countries that contributed to this first war effort involving the United Nations. The wall, curb, and statues meet at a circular pool of water where the words “Freedom is not Free” are carved into the granite. The numbers of those dead, wounded, missing, and captured are listed for both the United States and the United Nations along the edge of the Pool of Rememberence. What does freedom mean to you?


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