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Andrew Holden

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Andrew was born in Tennessee and grew up cooking with his grandmother. At the age of 8, his mother married and Italian man, and he learned many of the Diorio family recipe secrets. One of those secrets includes stories of wayward cousins being tied to the mob, but those only add to Andrew’s street credit. Andrew’s approach to the menu can be “chalked up” to influence from his favorite restaurants in Richmond, Virginia, where he attended VCU. “Millie’s Diner has the best brunch in town and that is evident through the 30 minute wait and the line out the door that is reoccurring every Saturday and Sunday. Edo’s Squid and Mamma Zu’s (same owner) are both great Italian joints with a similar rustic feel to Radicchio’s. We will be incorporating their ‘chalkboard approach’ to the menu format for our brunch. Basically, we create our menu weekly, but it is a living, breathing entity. Changes will be made during brunch and after each brunch for the following week to include our ever changing ideas and available ingredients.”

il Radicchio

iL Radicchio
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